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Welcome to SpaceYaTech Colabs! Colabs is the Project division of SpaceYaTech

There are 5 kinds of projects we work with:

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Open Source

Open Source projects have different flavours of licenses: Licenses like GPL say that if your code is consumed by another project that project must also add the GPL license, you cannot protect your intellectual property or prevent others from making cash out of your license. You cannot consume a GPL component and then create a private proprietary license that hides your source code and prevents others monetings from it.

Closed Source

Closed Source projects are private.

Monetisation Effort Based Licenses

These projects have licenses that specify that in the event of monetisation, monies shall be distributed in proportion to effort as measured by git contributions. This mimics creating companies and share holdings except the % sharing is dynamic and there is no red tape or cost for maintaining the shares.

Infrastructure Projects for SpaceYaTech

These include projects like:

Client Projects

Every member of SpaceYaTech has "a Software house on Standby" and can become a "Go Between" between an end client and the SpaceYaTech devs, testers, product designers, architects, business analysts and project managers.

SpaceYaTech can help train "Go Betweens" on:

These "Go Betweens" can make a lot of cash.

Benefits of Projects