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SpaceYaTech CoLabs is an open-source collaboration project that focuses on enhancing collaboration. We have a listing of projects that are open for contributors (developers, designers, marketers, etc.). We also allow community members to list their projects here to find collaborators.

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Project Description Collaborating Status Tech Stack Links
Data Disk A platform to help store data bundles to use later Project still in an idea stage Details
Eaty A complete DevOps project that takes you through the entire development process of a DevOps project from a blank code editor to a deployed app by building a meal generator that helps you brainstorm on daily meal ideas. Java - React or Angular Details
FarmDirect This is an AgriTech startup that is still in the ideation stage. It is going to be an app which shows the prices of commodities in real time based on the data on the ground. For instance, a farmer in Nandi will be able to compare prices in Nakuru vs prices in Meru and decide whether he wants to sell his produce in Nakuru or Meru. The app will also have transporters, say lorries, who bid on jobs to transport produce to the market. The farmer simply registers the produce that he wishes to transport, specify the destination and chooses the cheapest transporter from transporters around his area. Transporters get ready business while farmers get ready transport to the market. React Native, React, Next.js Details
FLB Music A popular cross platform desktop music player VueJs, ElectronJs, NodeJs Details
Git Metrics Git metrics is a Java project that can inspect the git history of a project and provide metrics on contribution by contributors. Core Java, Git Libraries Details
Mastori Mastori is a community-driven open-source project that aims to provide a simple and efficient blogging platform built with the Django Rest Framework. Python Django Rest Details
Swaggs E-commerce shop site for community. swaggs platform is built with the Django Rest Framework. Python Django Rest Details
Symbiont Symbiont is a social media platform that has a chrome extension that allows anyone to comment in a message thread leading off any word on any website in the world. Java Spring Boot, React, TypeScript, SQL, CSS, ORM, Spring Security, Wallet Connect, Meta Mask, UTU Trust Network, UTU Coin Details
SYT Website Redesign Redesign of our website Java - React or Angular Details
Team Folio It is an open source site that will display someones role in a team either as a designer or a developer a PM Should know react js and tailwind as of now Details